General Questions

No. Using Fiber ProTector does not change the look or feel of any treated fiber or fabric. Occasionally, slight over-application of Fiber ProTector or accelerated drying (with fans or heat) may cause treated particles to stiffen. If this occurs, simply vacuum the affected areas and the carpet or fabric will feel normal again.

Absolutely! Fiber ProTector was originally designed in 1996 to protect fine fabrics, fibers and much more. It has been tested and approved by the WoolSafe® organization and therefore safe to use on wool. Our water-based protector has even earned the WoolSafe® EnviroSeal of Approval, which is the only protection product in the world to earn this prestigious award.

This is a long-lasting treatment, which will last years before Fiber ProTector needs to be reapplied. With wear from dirt and traffic, the surface level protection will wear away over time. Even after many years of use, the treated item will still retain the protector that has penetrated inside the cross-sections of the fiber, unless our product has been “washed out” by a high pH cleaner. Normal professional deep cleanings using a pH neutral or Fiber ProTector approved product will not affect the protection levels in the treated item.

Under average room temperature conditions (70°F, 50% Humidity), items protected in your home should be dry in about 1 hour. Always be sure to check before walking on treated areas or using treated items. Longer dry times could occur under the following conditions: colder temperatures, more humid conditions, or heavy applications. Providing for proper ventilation for the product will also provide a quicker dry time in most conditions. Once it is dry, Fiber ProTector becomes inert.

Fiber ProTector works great on most fabrics! Natural fabrics like silks, wools, cottons, sisals and viscose are treated with ease. Even synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, polypropylene & acrylic can be treated with Fiber Protector to take your stain-resistance to the highest level possible. (It is always good to test in an inconspicuous spot for color bleeding.) We do not recommend using on plastics or vinyl. On upholstery, check furniture manufacturer's care and warranty information. Examples of usage for Fiber ProTector include: sofas, chairs, auto interiors, RVs, boat interiors, outdoor cushions and umbrellas, mattresses, dresses, shirts, shoes and purses, silk ties and blouses, delicate fabrics, area rugs, carpeting, quilts, throw pillows, table linens, hats, gloves & much more!

Fluoropolymers are used in many common products such as artificial heart valves, contact lenses, textiles, carpeting, and non-stick frying pans. Our products are free of PFOS and PFOA, and there are no negative consequences for humans or animals. Fiber ProTector is an inert and non-allergenic material.

Specific Questions

Fiber ProTector is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment. This innovative treatment incorporates antimicrobial technology, and is bacteriostatic, which prevents the development and spread of bacteria, germs and mold, while offering protection against staining and dirt retention. Cleaning is performed more efficiently, and the treated items stay cleaner longer. The use of Fiber ProTector is an important factor to a better indoor environment, which is of great value to individuals with allergies and asthma. Fiber ProTector creates a molecular shield around each fiber and helps prevent fabrics from attracting dust and dirt. The static charge between fibers and dirt particles is reduced, making vacuuming twice as effective. Once dry, Fiber ProTector becomes inert and has no effect on pets, kids, you or your environment.

It won’t stop bullets or harsh chemicals like bleach, battery acids, iodine, some paints, urine, vomit & highly acidic stains. No protection product in the world will work against these things. However, Fiber ProTector was engineered to provide the best protection money can buy against the most common everyday spills & stains. It helps keep your furnishings cleaner longer and extends the life of the treated item as well. Our product contains UV protection and independent lab test reports show significant UVA and UVB resistant benefits over a wide variety of synthetic and natural fibers.

EnviroSeal® certification is a testing and accreditation program for maintenance products suitable for use on
carpets and rugs (and other interior textiles). The environmental evaluation is carried out by ENco Global Testing Services (EGTS) and the performance and safety evaluation is carried out by The WoolSafe® Organization. Products that meet both the composition and performance requirements are certified as EnviroSeal by The WoolSafe Organization. It is available world-wide to manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning chemicals, spot removers, soil and stain resist treatments and other products used to maintain or enhance the performance and/or appearance of carpets and rugs. EnviroSeal® certification is a crucial independent confirmation of a cleaning product’s environmental credentials: performance, safety and suitability-for-purpose.

Silicone-based fluoropolymers prevent textiles from breathing as large molecules lay over the surface of the fiber. Silicone contains some water-repellent properties, but has no effect on other types of dirt, oil and spills. All silicones will harden, yellow and break off within months of application and usage. Fiber ProTector impregnation is dramatically different. We use Nano-technology to create the smallest molecules possible to penetrate into the cross-sections of each fiber, which creates an individual, and invisible shield around each fiber, while not affecting breathability, look or the feel of the fabric.