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Fiber ProTector Aerosol Can

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11 oz. Can – covers approx. 100 sq.ft.

Fiber ProTector Protects against fluid, dirt, wear and UV rays.

It keeps textiles and leathers dry while not effecting breathability, feel, color properties.

Helps prevent sun fading and inhibits microbial growth.

It contains NO PFOS and PFOA, or any other hazardous substance and is completely harmless to animals, pets, humans and the environment.

Operating Instructions

1. Dry and clean object so that it is free of soap residues. Make sure object is completely DRY!

2. Tape off, cover or protect any areas that are not permeable such as, imitation leather, sealed leather, metal, vinyl material, rubber, painted surfaces, etc. If over-spray, wipe off immediately.

3. Ensure good ventilation.

4. Shake can well & Hold about 6 to 10 inches from the object.

5. Cross-spray the object with smooth, even movements.

6. Cover the entire object.

7. Allow to dry for 30 minutes to 2 hours before use.


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