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Fiber Protector California partners with Gatehouse Studios to ensure all furnishings and flooring are very well protected.  When it comes to fiber protection, no one can beat Fiber Protector.  Fiber Protector protects its very first high end couch valued over $15,000.  Client is very happy that no color change or stiffness occurred during the process.

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Fiber Protector helps SF Kino AS in protecting their 6 movie theater centers in Norway. They are visited by 1.500.000 people yearly. A movie theater is highly disposed to wear and tear, dirt and dust and we have tried different types of treatment and contractors. After an extensive test held after our demands and expectations, SF Kino AS signed a long-term maintenance contract with Fiber ProTector and we are very satisfied with the service they are providing and the savings we are seeing.”

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EnviroSeal® certification is a testing and accreditation program for maintenance products suitable for use on carpets and rugs (and other interior textiles). The environmental evaluation is carried out by ENco Global Testing Services (EGTS) and the performance and safety evaluation is carried out by The WoolSafe® Organization. Products that meet both the composition and performance requirements are certified as EnviroSeal by The WoolSafe Organization. It is available world-wide to manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning chemicals, spot removers, soil and stain resist treatments and other products used to maintain or enhance the performance and/or appearance of carpets and rugs. EnviroSeal® certification is a crucial independent confirmation of a cleaning product’s environmental credentials: performance, safety and suitability-for-purpose.

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Fiber Protector California has just completed protecting the rugs in the greenroom along with the carpets at the Improv located in Brea, Ca.  The application of Fiber Protector will save the club hundreds of dollars per month in cleaning and maintenance costs.  The response has been so positive that the 20 store chain of comedy clubs is considering protecting all of their existing and new clubs with Fiber Protector.